The form of my work has changed through the years from handmade paper collage to jewelry to books and, most recently, mono prints and hand designed paper. There is a common theme in my style that has remained constant; texture, color and layering. I am perpetually drawn to forms in nature, textures overlapping and light adding  complexity to the space around. Color and pattern are important signatures of my work with the key signature being layering. I spend a lot of time experimenting with the use of different materials, mostly in a effort to create the sense of layers and depth. The idea of “seeing through” reflects my intrigue with life’s complexity. When using paint in the mono prints, I thin the pigments to create more of a transparent look where the viewer can see into and through.
For inspiration, I look to patterns in nature and architecture (especially churches), and most recently Asian interiors. When I see something that inspires, whether form or pattern, I imagine how it could translate into art. I print using a variety of techniques from an etching press to geli plates to silkscreen. I use a variety of these techniques in the designing of my papers, along with paste paper.
Over the years, I have moved from one medium to another: from jewelry (1991–2010) to bookmaking (2002–2012), in the past five years, printmaking. Although the medium changes, my styles is recognizable. Presently, my art serves as a means to both fund raise for Ecuadorian Arts Initiative and for use in teaching and volunteer projects.
I have a saying placed near my worktable that reads, “Find what you love and deepen into it.” I follow that pulse when I am working. I love the “conversation” that develops as I deepen into my work; one accident precedes a new discovery, that leads to another exploration, and so on. Work becomes play and experimentation leads to a new wave of ideas.

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