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I received my BFA in ceramics from the Portland School of Art in 1985. After graduation I worked in many different media including shirt designs, handmade paper and running a jewelry business followed by printmaking and bookmaking.

In 2022, I discovered a community clay studio in West Bethel and began taking classes. Since then, the love of clay has me committed to a twice-weekly practice. I am drawn to the
confluence of color and texture in my pieces, using both handbuilt and wheel-thrown methods to achieve a balance between form and texture along with other techniques.


I welcome special orders and with all the sales of my art, 50% of the proceeds go toward the Ecuadoran Arts initiative. 

For inspiration, I look to patterns in nature and architecture (especially churches), and most recently Asian interiors. When I see something that inspires, whether form or pattern, I imagine how it could translate into art. I print using a variety of techniques from an etching press to geli plates to silkscreen. I use a variety of these techniques in the designing of my papers, along with paste paper.
Over the years, I have moved from one medium to another: from jewelry (1991–2010) to bookmaking (2002–2012), in the past five years, printmaking. Although the medium changes, my styles is recognizable. Presently, my art serves as a means to both fundraise for Ecuadorian Arts Initiative and for use in teaching and volunteer projects.
I have a saying placed near my worktable that reads, “Find what you love and deepen into it.” I follow that pulse when I am working. I love the “conversation” that develops as I deepen into my work; one accident precedes a new discovery, that leads to another exploration, and so on. Work becomes play and experimentation leads to a new wave of ideas.

Take a look at my blog to see updates on sales, classes, and my most recent artworks.
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