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Integrating elegance and function, these hand made books open up to reveal a smaller, signature style book inside. Often text is sewn in using gold thread and simple collage. This is where art and ministry are creatively combined. The books speak to different life transition through the use of carefully chosen poetry or prayers.

Book In A Box

These portfolio structures contain books. Some books are blank journals; others have poetry and photographs. Often text is sewn in using gold thread and simple collage. Others have text printed on translucent vellum with an image behind. They are one-of-a-kind pieces that invite the viewer to open and delight in the complexity of design.


Memory Books

These books take on a more traditional form, using image and text to convey an idea or celebrate a passage. Books have been made to honor the death of a loved one, a marriage, graduation or a trip. Sarah works with clients to hear stories and collect meaningful images to create a unique book that honors someone or a life passage.


Book Altars

These non-traditional books appear as boxes and stand on their own as a work of art. Inside these boxes are small books that contain poetry and collage using commercial Asian papers and Sarah’s paste paper designs. Many of the boxes are embellished with prints and silk-screened imagery, wood and metal.



Integrating elegance and function, these boxes make a great gift; they vary in size and detail. From simple to stylish, they stand on their own as a piece of art.



All pieces are one-of-a-kind; no two are alike, making the work dynamic and changing. All books ordered will differ slightly from the image seen. Commissions allow the work to be tailored to client’s preferences.


Aside from not being production items, the paper used for the books is either handmade and cannot be reproduced exactly, or is a limited edition and cannot be ordered twice.


Personal commissions are taken for weddings, graduations and other life passages. Please email me for more information.

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