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“If we let go of what we love, our love becomes present.” 

From individual bereavement support to Grief Rituals Sarah offers a variety of ways to hold and work with the relationship to grief and loss.


In 2007 I started my apprenticeship with bereavement support through hospice, co-facilitating bereavement support groups. Having served for over 12 years in the grief world, I knew the map well. Then in 2020 my husband died, initiating me into both the known and unknown territory of grief. I have since participated in multiple grief ritual trainings as well as trauma-informed courses. Last winter I took an online course with Francis Weller entitled “Entering the Healing Ground”. The eight-month course was centered around the 5 gates of grief and how to work with
individuals and communities affected by grief and loss though ritual and ceremony.


Working with deep states of grief, humans have supplicated to the other-than-human world for support. Our ancestral lineage, the wisdom of nature, the elements, the winged ones and all that make up the fabric of our world – these are the sources we pray to and ask guidance from. What lives unresolved on our hearts. becomes a prayer in which we invoke these sources of support and guidance. Fire circles, rituals of release are a few of the many ways I work with individuals. and communities. For more information, contact Sarah.

"Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding."
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